Creator of stuff, doer of duds, thinker of things...


Influenced by everything surrounding me. Love to rock with my band, love to make my own music under my nickname Schizo. This nickname was given to me by an ex colleague, don't ask. The 910 was added by myself as a wink to the first three letters of my real name: Giovanni.


It's not just writing music, it's scraping bits and pieces together as they come and try to create order in my own personal chaos. I just need to create stuff, paint, draw, craft, build instruments from scrap, make stomboxes for guitarists.


Influenced by musicians such as: Eels, Gomez, Tom Waits, Neil Young, Rival Schools, Pearl Jam, etc... And let's not forget the Dutch heroes: Anne Soldaat, Spinvis, Ramses Shaffy, etc...


Artists that blow me: DaVinci, Picasso, Rembrandt, Romero Britto, Ron English, Dave Cooper, Serge Birault, Mark Ryden, Francisco Herrera, Chris Sanders, Matt Thorup, my dear friend Dan Springer and last but not least my wife Monique.


This site is all about what keeps me busy, what makes me tick... music, art, creative inspiration.


Giovanni de Reus - Schizo910